Monday, February 28, 2011

Supermetapost: Drafts

I mentioned in my last post that my posting has been sparse lately. It's not that I haven't been writing; it's just that many posts never make it past drafting stage. Since September 2010, I have started 25 posts; I have published 8. For many periods, this is a common thread--lots of beginnings, no endings. I want to explore why, here.

2004 Quality
You should avoid the archives. I keep them up in a spirit of completeness and transparency; however, I do not advocate many of the views I held back then in ignorance, naivety, and angst.

However, the way I start writing a post is about the same; I think of an idea and execute its development. More often than not, I could sum up the point of a post in a sentence. Getting there and going where it takes me fill in the rest. Sometimes, this produces really angst posts or posts where the only funny part is that I used the word "fuck" a lot. I don't post those anymore.

I never start writing.
Sometimes, I think of an idea for a post and then don't write a single word, or I'll write a few words, won't really see where it's going, and quit.

I get bored writing and stop.
If I become bored with writing something, I will stop mid-sentence. More often than not, the post will remain open for a bit on my computer, but I'll end up with a blue screen or reboot in a day or so and never see it again.

I realize, in the process of developing my idea, that I am wrong.
To support my points, I try to provide links, videos, and funny pictures. In the process of finding these things, if I find evidence contradictory to my point or lack of critical evidence, I abandon my post. This happened, for example, in a post I was writing about Senator Boehner's last name. Although I'm pretty sure his name should be pronounced "boner" in German, I couldn't dig up strong enough evidence for it.

I feel like I have to do it.
Most of my posts I write spontaneously, and a lot of the time, I don't really know where I'm going with them. When I feel like I have to be spontaneous... well, that's Valentine's Day. This might be what caused my present posting burn-out--the Moon of the Month experiment. Something similar happened when I started the RIAA Terror in Brief series.

The process of writing, in some ways, acts as a filter for shitty ideas. If you can't write them down, then they're probably not worth publishing. Some of these drafts, though, might make good posts still. I've done a few resurrections, though they're rare. Perhaps time will tell.


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