Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing: Moon of the Month

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There’s a lot of moons in the solar system--172 to be exact. We don’t know much about most of them. Sitting around watching the Science channel, I thought it would be cool to write little bits about each of them and what makes them interesting, publishing one every month. I’ve selected a handful of the ones we know a little more about and will write them in the coming months.

I will also continue to write regular posts. I always write them while I'm in the mood to do so, which is why they get posted so irregularly.

In a way, moons are a lot more exciting than planets. With a suit to keep us warm, pressurized, and breathing, all of them are places we could stand on, unlike most of the planets. Only half of the planets have tangible surfaces, and only half of those are cool enough to stand on. The rest are either too hot or too soft.

With 172 moons, there’s a lot more to stand on and to explore. All of the moons are solid bodies. Deep space probes are likely on par with humans when it comes to analysing gas giants, but solid bodies will be better studied when touched, when rocks can be turned over, and when a human can choose where to look and poke without delay.

In this series of articles, I’ll talk about some of these bodies, but I can’t talk about all of them. We haven’t poked around enough. It would be nice to think that we would explore more moons as I write about them, but apathy and expense have made space exploration painfully slow. Despite what we know, our base of knowledge about the destinations of our posterity is painfully thin but curiously tantalizing. The solar system is like the show “Lost;” the more we learn, the more questions we uncover. In science, though, there doesn’t have to be a vague conclusion in four years. We can explore forever.

I'll be posting the first moon in a few days and one per month after that. I have 14 moons in queue, though I may reduce or increase the number if we learn more or know less than I think we do. I also might burn out after a month or two. I've only done one other series, and I got sick of doing it.


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I look forward to your further articles.

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