Monday, March 01, 2010

Trains vs X: Trains always win.

I'm a regular reader of a blog called Geekologie. They have posted there two videos of trains in epic circumstances. One of them is a train in a flood:

Another is a train going through a tornado. That's right, a tornado:

I decided to see if there were more train vs X videos. Continuing with the weather theme, here's Train vs Snow:

Here's Train vs Tank from one of the James Bond movies:

There's some with animals. They're a little more morbid. NSFW language here... and animal death in Train vs Cow:

Not to be outdone, the Middle East tries to one-up the US with Train vs Camel:
Looks like camels are the Middle Eastern equivalent of squirrels.

Canada has its own flavor--here's Train vs Camel:

Of course, it's sad watching animals die. They don't really know what's going on. This guy did know what's going on:
And yes, I do know that it's not called "train vs truck." The ones with that name suck.

The lesson to be learned on top of all of this--trains always win. They will crush you--literally.


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