Friday, December 18, 2009


"Scientists themselves also come in for more negative assessments in the poll, with four in 10 Americans now saying that they place little or no trust in what scientists have to say about the environment. That's up significantly in recent years." I don't know how you can argue more than four hundred years of rigorous experiment and observation. The whole theory derives from models, based on rigorous measurement, and disputed over hundreds of times--still being disputed, but for refinement, not existence.

Disagreeing with science is like disagreeing with your own eyeballs. There may be another way to observe the world, but eyeballs are the best you have. Science has a higher caliber for proof than eyeballs and ways to measure how its own vision is wrong. Your own eyes lack this rigor. This is why, at times, science may appear to contradict common sense and intuition, when in actuality, those things cannot comprehend the reality of nature.


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wow so your the emperor of the moon? yo wanna be the emperor of my moon? and by that i mean my ass.

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