Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Do People Listen To Celebrities?

Recently, Jenny McCarthy's drawn a lot of attention to herself by speaking out against autism and blaming the disease on the use of vaccines. I've never done any research on the topic, so I'm not going to draw an conclusions on her opinion. However, I'm still entitled to draw a conclusion on her; that is, I can clearly see she needs to shut the fuck up.

Celebrities running their mouths about topics they know very little about are not new. Take Tom Cruise for example. He's not a psychiatrist. I doubt his credentials or research experience in any way grant him any right to say what he says.

They're not doctors. They don't have PhDs. They may have not even finished school. Yet for some reason, the media magically grants celebrities time to talk about things they never spent any time studying. Sure, they spent perhaps three or four hours with one "expert" on the topic they come to endorse. Hey, they may have even read an article in Popular Science on their topic of choice. Somehow, by some means, the media still publishes their opinions.

How do celebrities even get into the business of running their mouth? They're good at it. That's how they became celebrities in the first place. When some organization wants someone to talk for them--someone who is damn good at talking--they weasel some celebrity into it, likely with linear combination of wads of cash, nice dinners, and tears for the children.

Once they've got them in hand, getting a celebrity to be a spokesperson is easy. All the celebrity has to do is regurgitate information along with some hint of emotion. That's no different from acting where they had to regurgitate lines along with some hint of emotion.

Celebrities don't know what they're talking about. When a celebrity runs their mouth about... anything, do research for yourself before listening to them. Unless, of course, it's a celebrity scientist.


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