Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sarcasm is Context

The Internet communicates quickly. It also drops a lot of data behind. Through this text, all that is communicated to you--the reader--is that which the writer chooses use. Good writing communicates exactly what I want to get across to you within the context of what is written. This blog rarely delves into sarcasm without some sort of obvious deviation from the usual style. Within the context, sarcasm is clear; a lot of data is transmitted with every post due to the context it is posted in, even if the amount of text is limited.

People on the internet think that sarcasm is transmitted automatically through the Internet. It is not. Particularly, on a message board, unless a poster's style is well know, it is unclear whether a poster is applying sarcasm. Even in real life, if a person is not well know, their tone communicates sarcasm, and therefore, in real life, people communicate sarcasm easily.* People who write poorly on the internet often attempt to communicate sarcasm and fail. They are bad writers because they think the internet communicates their tone. They fail because it does not, and their writing fails to as well.

By the way, the context of me writing this post, I'm shit-faced on my computer at four in the morning in my underwear. People on the Internet--I'm sure--have more surprises than that.

* Incredibly socially awkward people frequently do not communicate sarcasm through tone. This is why they are awkward.


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