Thursday, March 05, 2009

Space Age? Pft

The Industrial Age had an attitude of "make it bigger" and "make more of it." No event epitomizes this attitude more than World War II, where we made bigger guns, bigger armies, and bigger bombs, all culminating with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World War II epitomized the Industrial Age, but the last series of events that really kept with the bigger/more of it attitude were the Apollo flights. Though it didn't match the quantity condition, the "make it bigger" concept lived very strong in the Apollo Program.

Thanks to the Apollo Program, its era has been named the Space Age. But other than a couple of men landing on the moon, there's not that much space in the space age. The name hangs around from a sense of optimism at the time--that in the near future, man would live in space, and that one could buy a ticket on a rocket on a daily basis.

This optimism did not prove to be true, or near true, and a man hasn't been on the moon since the 70's. This period in time really marks the end of the Industrial Age, not a piece of the Space Age. The Space Age simply hasn't happened yet. Instead, around this time, bigger/more segued into the beginning of movement of information for cheap and easy. The Internet had began development in the 50's; it's early development sets a beginning to a gradient between Industrial Age and Information Age.


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