Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Service? My Ass

Reflecting on the campaign, John McCain repeatedly mentioned that he spent his life serving this country.

His military service I recognize as just that: service. He put his life on the line serving America. That is noble and significant.

His time in politics is not service. Political power is a privilege. He isn't doing us a favor, he's been granted sacred and important tools to lead us. It has burdens, sure, but above that, it's a privilege we've permitted our leaders to use.

Someone in service is a volunteer and taking a job no one wants to do. There's plenty of people in line for political power, and as soon as those in charge do something asinine, we can drop them and try on the next guy.

Never forget--politicians don't do us a favor by being in office; we do them a favor by putting them there. Don't let them tell you otherwise.


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