Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama's Resume

One of the major attacks against Barack Obama has been his apparent "lack of experience." There is a reason this is an issue--experience yields something crucial to leadership--but if Obama can satisfy this reason without the experience, he doesn't need it.

Experience yields wisdom. If one has been through a situation before and dealt with it--either right or wrong--the hindsight of that success or failure yields wisdom. A wise man can identify that a situation is analog to a past one and use the hindsight he developed to solve the present situation. This is the reason math and science students do homework problems, athletes train, and the greatest wise men are old.

Every step of the way, Obama has dealt with situations using vast and quality hindsight, and he's done it in such a way that his solution has been effective in the short term and long term. This is foresight, and it's a quality that Augustus--the greatest leader who ever lived--possessed. Perhaps he doesn't have the most extensive resume, but he's demonstrated through his actions that he has everything he needs to be an effective and powerful president in a way that no list could.

It's been argued that it doesn't matter if Obama's a good leader, that his stances on issues are sour. Yet it is his foresight that guides his stances on issues, so because he has leadership qualities, these lead him to the best stances for the short term and long term success of America.

Men like this--ones with incredible leadership capacity, hindsight, and foresight--only arrive when they are needed. We need Barack Obama; the fact that he's here demonstrates that.


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