Monday, October 27, 2008

The Internet's Balls Haven't Dropped

There's a classic image. I'm not sure how old it is. It's definitely not PC, but I don't think anything is on the Internet. It really gets the point across in the way the Internet would.

Above all, the point it makes is that arguing on the Internet bears no fruit. Ever. You're not going to convince someone that Barack Obama is awesome or that John McCain's penis might fall off. A lot of people have realized that, but most of these people have been on Internet boards and forums for a long time. They know that these arguments only end in people forgetting that they were in an argument or the thread getting locked and people getting banned. Either way, the argument was a waste of time better spent.

A lot of people haven't realized this yet. They still read things people post on the Internet, get angry, just HAVE to tell EVERYONE their opinion, and above all, prove that that loser from Wisconsin is WRONG.

Give it a few more years. People will realize the fruitlessness of these things; they just haven't had time yet to do so. The human race as a whole is still learning about this Internet thing and how it works.

This Internet thing's gonna be a lot different a century from now. That's because all the people that were here when it started will be dead. They'll be presented an Internet where most folks have realized its purpose, potential, and how to work it, and as a result, the people will be different.

I can hope.


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