Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Argument Against Joe the Plumber

Government has existed for approximately seven-thousand years. Generally, it has had a single purpose--maintain the rule of law. Part of those laws have been laws to continue fund the continued of existence of the government--taxes. Without taxes, there's no government, and without government, there's no order.

Without order, I'm fighting for my life everyday. Murder has no consequence except guilt, and that guilt varies from person to person. Therefore, it's better we have order, which means it's better to government, which means it's better to have taxes than no taxes.

Each person has a certain amount of wealth, and to survive in a society's economy, each person must have a certain amount of wealth to feed, clothe, shelter themselves. If the taxes exceed that amount of wealth, then people will suffer from the government. If the government causes suffering, then the people will revolt against the government, and the very existence of a revolt causes an end to order. With order being the very purpose of government, a lack of order is a flag that the government has malfunctioned.

Since people who earn less wealth have more trouble feeding, sheltering, and clothing themselves, for the sake of order and the government's continued existence, they have to keep more of their wealth. From this, the portion of the population who can afford to eat pays more of the tax--that way the government that protects their wealth will continue to exist to do so.

(My logic's a bit choppy, I wrote this on the fly. I'll iron it out more later.)


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