Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today, I was walking to the dining hall across from the Physics building, and I saw a few half-pipes set up in front of where I was going. I figured it was an advertising campaign for an energy drink or... something, but as I drew closer, I saw in large letters: "NATIONAL GUARD."

What does the National Guard have anything to do with bicycles, or even extreme sports? Getting shot at is pretty extreme, but under no conditions would I consider war a sport. Perhaps the National Guard has something to do with bicycles--with the way the national debt is piled up, the entire army might be riding them soon.

Speaking of which, it's shit like this that adds up to a total national debt of $9,679,062,408,915, though that was outdated even after I've copied and pasted it. If you round that off, that's $1*10^13. That's insane, and it's little shit like this that adds up.

This event isn't the problem; it's a microcosm of the problem--a small piece that shows the pattern of the whole--ignorant, misplaced, mismanaged shit.


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