Thursday, September 04, 2008

Campus Preacher a Blessing

We’re made of people of all nations, races, classes, and interests. Everybody on this campus is different. We’ve got friends in English and business and physics. We’ve got friends that are gay and straight. We’ve got friends that feel the love of God and those that don’t want to suppose a friendship with or the existence of such a being, for that matter.

Either way, we’re shades of purple here; we’re all a little different, but the fact that we all ended up in this very place—for whatever reason—the fact that we’ve shared this time together on this ground for the pursuit of knowledge and growth as human beings, that makes us all the same, that makes us shades of purple.

Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we see only the differences in the shades.

When the preachers come to campus, we see something different from all those shades the purple; he contrasts us. He shows us how similar we are: how we think critically, we are educated, how we love one another and can’t stand to see our peers are slashed. He reminds us of how much we love “jay-mu” and each other. He contrasts us—he’s the gold to our purple, and he makes us one shade, one body, and one campus.

He may preach words of hate, but that hate contrasts and reminds us of what we have—love. He can’t take that away from us, and when he comes, the shades of purple aren’t so different anymore.


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