Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Intuition is used to describe "obvious" facts, but because these facts are obvious, people react in a manner that applies these facts and may even contradict them. This results in the intuitive "fact" being false and a counterintuitive one being true.

These sorts of systems exist very frequently and with great strength. Because people are often unaware of the fact that a counterintuitive system has developed, they tend to continue using their intuition, further reinforcing the very basis of the system--the fact that people use their intuition.

It is in itself counterintuitive to think that people applying their intuition would result in a counterintuitive system, but to think that wouldn't be true would be intuitive and, thereby, reinforce the counterintuitive system.

Yet, it's not paradoxical, and it's built on facts. The reason it feels paradoxical is that it's recursive like many descriptions of paradoxes. Paradoxes are impossible though, and a counterintuitive system is not.

Additionally, a counterintuitive system is built on the assumptions of people, and it's hard to believe anything that sounds that stupid can have any affect on everybody. After all, you're above all that counterintuitive crap, your intuition is sharp.

You're the victim, dumbass.


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