Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fashion: Then and Now--What About Now and Soon?

Style is an art, really. Things in style look stylish to the properly tuned eye.

90's fashion, however, looks outdated--out of style--and older styles are becoming "retro." But what if someone saw a style from the future? Not one of the tacky ones conceived by stylists or science fiction authors, but one that truly developed in the future?

Is this how old people perceive the fashion of the youth? Or would it appear simply like an outdated style, like that of the near-past?

Perhaps it's mirrored; the style of the near-future would have the same appeal as the near-past, and the style of the far-future would have the same appeal as something retro.

This probably isn't the case. Retro has an element the far-future doesn't--nostalgia. People don't feel this about the near-past because it's tired; the fashion just ended, and people are trying to get rid of it. It's not so far away that people miss it. Once it's long gone, the nostalgia kicks in.

The time for nostalgia to kick in may make an interesting constant regarding the time span of human affairs. Certain attitudes change at a certain pace, and the rate of change of fashion--though something with a very low resolution--may demonstrate a certain pace in human affairs. Other things, such as language and political attitudes may follow a similar pace.

These things share something critical in common with fashion--they change at apparently constant rates, but make random changes. Pronunciation and slang appear to change at a certain pace similar to the way fashion does. They do share a crucial difference--though retro fashion exists through nostalgia, retro language doesn't necessarily. Retro language just sounds awkward.

I ought probably look at this further with some data and time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Children of the Beast

You speak of a beast destroying the land. Its breathes life and exhales death. It consumes the forest--broccoli-like. But have you forgotten? This beast you were born of and live from; it raised you, it gives you life, and it has taught you none other.

You tell the beast to cease, and it does not hear you. With a coordinated chorus of your brothers and sisters, you cry out to the beast, cease, and it does not hear you.

It's grown the way it has because it's had much to eat, and now it can't cease without dying. Yet it will die by the way it exists, for it will eat it all. It will not cease because it can't do so without dying.

You cried out cease, muffled by its teat in your mouth. The irony lies here, for without the beast, you--brothers, sisters and all--shall cease from the earth. It brought you into this world, and it carries you through--no other means can, for your brothers and sisters are too multitudinous to walk the earth alone.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

There's Going to Be a Recession Because Everyone Thinks There Will Be

You people are stupid.