Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Valid Purpose of Psychics and Religion

Psychics and astrologers are criticized for practicing pseudosciences; using ambiguity and smoke and mirrors, they lead people into believing that the stars or psychic powers are capable of grasping the future or the unknown present. Even religion capitalizes on such ambiguities, using universal human dilemmas as a proof and basis for validity, offering solutions for sehnsucht and strife.

Despite that such fortune tellers are full of crap, these people have been in business for millennia, and even in our modern scientific world, they show no sign of leaving. They continue to work because people want them to be true--above all, people want them.

The foundation of a capitalist society is people paying for what they want. If people want something to be true, pay for it, go through the motions of it, and hear what they want, then so be it. The customer is satisfied, the provider is ten bucks richer, and everyone's happy. Psychics and religion provide this very valid service, allowing people to hear what they want, to provide them with hope.


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