Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why People Hate Cops

Back in the day, cops used to walk around and patrol their "beats." Since they were on foot and probably got bored, they'd stop and chat with people. They had a social investment in their community, and the people in their community had a social investment with them.

Today, cops drive around in cruisers. The same white cars, the same men with crew-cuts in black uniforms staring out the windows. There's no social investment, just these uniformed men inside uniform cruisers, staring out their windows, peering into people's lives and business.

The only time a cop gets involved now-a-days is when a crime has been committed. Seeing a cop on foot is a bad sign. Before, they were part of the community. Now, they intervene when something is awry.

If you're socially invested with a cop, you're not only in trouble with the law, you're embarrassed. People aren't embarrassed to commit crimes anymore.


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