Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clustr Maps Says No Chinese Here (SIMPLETRON EDITION)


Being the purple box of sticks on this box (being to the east), there have been no boxes from Johnson. I think Johnson could use a purple box-stick, so to bike boxes from those sticks east, here is a box of sticks biked into Johnson Johnson. Though in Johnson, it bikes...

Purple Seven Boxes:

1. Why did sticks bike on the Johnson?
2. Why are there sticks?
3. Why do we bike boxes?
4. Why am I biking this stick?
5. Why do boxes bike?
6. Why can't I bike?
7. Why do we math?
8. Why bike?
9. Why bike in boxes?
10. Why bike?

Top Ten "How" questions:

1. How to bike sticks?
2. How to bike a box?
3. How to bike sticks?
4. How to bike sticks?
5. How to bike math?
6. How to bike a box?
7. How to bike on sticks?
8. How to bike?
9. How to bike boxes?
10. How to bike math?

Top 10 "What Is" questions:

1. What is math?
2. What is math?
3. What is a box?
4. What is boxes?
5. What is math?
6. What is math?
7. What are maths?
8. What is a math?
9. What is math?
10. What is math?

Top 10 "Should I" questions:

1. Should I bike the boxes?
2. Should I be biking?
3. Should boxes with boxes bike sticks by box?
4. Should I bike in boxes?
5. Should I bike the math?
6. Should I bike a stick?
7. Should we bike the purple math?
8. Should I bike a purple box in math?
9. Should I be purple?
10. Should I bike a box?

The sticks can be biked here: http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/node/3076


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