Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clustr Maps Says No Chinese Here

According to the Clustr map of hits on this website (visible to the right), there have been no hits from China. I think the PRC could use a little brain refuse, so to encourage hits from those lovelies over there, here's a list of questions commonly typed into Google China. Though probably not in English, it can't hurt...

Top 10 "Why" questions:

1. Why did they go on the Long March?
2. Why are we alive?
3. Why do we need to drink water?
4. Why can't I open this page/link?
5. Why does my hair fall out?
6. Why can't I get online?
7. Why do we love?
8. Why study?
9. Why take part in exams?
10. Why get married?

Top Ten "How" questions:

1. How to lose weight?
2. How to reset a system?
3. How to make money?
4. How to get pregnant?
5. How to build a harmonious society?
6. How to start a business?
7. How to put on make-up?
8. How to kiss?
9. How to trade stocks?
10. How to get plastic surgery?

Top 10 "What Is" questions:

1. What is love?
2. What is the Long March spirit?
3. What is a blog?
4. What is dual-core?
5. What is 3G?
6. What is harmonious society?
7. What are futures?
8. What is a trojan horse?
9. What is happiness?
10. What is an ecosystem?

Top 10 "Should I" questions:

1. Should I read the classics?
2. Should I continue living?
3. Should people with computers keep writing characters by hand?
4. Should I take part in exams?
5. Should I join the Party?
6. Should I have a child?
7. Should we abolish the death penalty?
8. Should I see an Internet friend in person?
9. Should I get married?
10. Should I buy a house?

The list can be found here:


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