Monday, October 08, 2007


I got a parking ticket. To pay for it, I have to put a stamp on the envelope they gave me.


Human Prediction

Ever notice that people have an uncanny ability to get the future wrong? It's as if our species is so bad at predicting the future, the future changes itself just to prove that we're wrong.

For example, I had a teacher in high school who said that SARS was going to be a big deal within a few months. Within a few months, SARS ceased to be headline worthy.

Weathermen seem to get the right predictions a little better than 50/50, but they have an unfair advantage, satellites.

See, the world will never end just to prove the religious gooks who wrote Revelation and the Left Behind books and the Mayan calendar wrong. Though it may end now just prove that I'm wrong.

Perhaps we can thank Pandora's Box for that. When Pandora opened the box, the only thing left inside was not hope, but foreknowledge. Without foreknowledge, it's possible to have hope.