Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jury Duty

I was recently assigned to jury duty.

It's a funny feeling you get when you leave. Either way, someone has to lose, and someone has to win, and both sides think they are completely correct from their own perspectives. You have to choose, somehow, what side's perspective is right.

Such a choice caused me to realize the strength it takes to make a real decision, why so often people hesitate in making even simple decisions, especially those regarding other people. Such decisions require security in one's own judgment and ability to carry its burden. Even small things bare mass, and to make decisions adds weight to our souls.

However, it is mass that gives us momentum. Once decisions are made, we continue barreling in that direction and in any direction we should choose. In this way, the burden becomes strength. The finest leaders have made their decisions, many of them, and they carry them wherever they go. The wisdom and ability learned in making a decision allows them to roll forward, their gravity to hold others.

Leadership, without the burden, is impossible.


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