Friday, June 29, 2007

A Note on The Force (of Star Wars)

Consider not the Force mystical or powerful, bearing no influence on the physical world, but merely being philosophies. On one hand, the dark side is bold but impatient. To establish further power, the empire insists on constructing a world-destroying mega weapon, twice. Its knights seek to destroy quickly by channeling fear and hate as motivators, to gain strength through emotion. The light side of The Force, on the contrary, seeks power through patience and discipline, making bold strikes when such opportunities arise. In the end, it is the light side that wins because it is willing to wait for the dark to expose weakness.

Similar were the battles of the Roman Empire against its foes. The Roman Legions were disciplined and patient, while their enemies were driven by emotion and pure audacity. This may have worked at times, such as the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, but in the end, it was the Romans who triumphed till their legions lost the economic backbone for their discipline. An emotional enemy is easily broken through morale, while a disciplined one must be crushed completely.