Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Psychologist, Engineer, Mathematician Joke

So there's a psychologist, an engineer, and a mathematician sitting around in a park somewhere. A man near by is pointing. The engineer sees the man's finger and follows the pointing until he sees two people having sex in the park.

"Holy shit, do you see that?" he says.
"See what?" the other two respond.
The engineer is stumped. How could the other two not see what the man was obviously pointing at. The psychologist is staring directly at the man pointing while the mathematician has already put his attention to something else. First, he asks the psychologist, "Well, what the hell are you looking at?"
"Well, I'm trying to understand what has driven this man to perform this gesture. It's obviously some sort of symbol and a response to some stimulus, but his body language has not yet revealed to me the inner drive that caused this man to perform this action."

The engineer nods in hopelessness. He then looks at the mathematician and asks, "Well, you didn't even look at what the man was pointing at. What did you see?"
"Oh, there was no point. The ray diverges."


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