Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paris Hilton's Jail Sentence

I've read the opinions of various people who feel that Paris Hilton's jail sentence is too severe. Despite that she's recieving a typical sentence for her crime, her punishment is technically more severe since she is a celebrity and will be given an abnormal amount of attention by fellow convicts. I agree, these statements are true. However, it is entirely unlawful to reduce her sentence for this reason.

Paris Hilton is a celebrity. This is not a title or status forced upon her; she brought it to herself, and through her lifestyle, has maintained it. Her actions are published and broadcasted throughout the world. When her actions go awry, these too, and their reprocussions, will be know widely. For the law to faulter at such a point shows weakness and exception; a merciful law is an unequal law.

Even if her celebrity status will give her a more brutal punishment, then that is how it should be. She should be held up to a higher standard. The law tells people how they should act in a civil society and punishes those who do not act accordingly. As a symbol of both status and behavior, this symbol should be punished even more brutally if necessary to ensure that the symbol itself does not inspire unruly behavior.

Yes, so her punishment for driving on a suspended license is worse than most people's. She has brought this upon herself through her lifestyle, and the status she has requires her to deserve a more brutal punishment. If the rule of law does not hold at a critical point such as this, then it flashes a glimpse of how truly weak it is.


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