Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton

I don't like Hillary Clinton. I doubt many people like Hillary Clinton. It's not that she's a woman; it's not that she's liberal. Her fatal flaw is that she exists.

For example, here's Barack Obama announcing he may run for president:

Confident, concrete, and sensible--the entire film he's facing the camera directly, conveying where he stands.

Now, compare Hillary here to Obama:

"A conversation with America?" I've smelt bullshit before, but now I'm gagging. Extended metaphor belongs in poetry, not politics. Go write another book.

It's easy to suggest that I don't like Hillary Clinton because she's a woman. This is quite untrue. She simply is unelectable. Take this graph of the demographics Clinton's voters:

This will not win the election. She is a poor candidate. Do not support her; you're wasting your breath and energy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Quote of the Decade

Walking in the courtyard yesterday, I heard someone with their window open shout,

"How can you have a relationship if it's not on Facebook?"

I think it explains itself.