Friday, January 12, 2007

Luck / The Skin and the Mind

These are two similarly themed notes I posted on Facebook. Enjoy:

Bad luck is the enemy of so many. They despise its occurance, its presence, and the very possibility of it once its gone. Such a stance, although natural, is a poor one to take. Fortune will never cease to spin her wheel. There will always be good and bad luck, no matter how much it is spited.

Ill-fortune brings an opportunity--an opportunity to triumph and grow. Bad luck will come back, again and again, and to learn from it every time will make its return more smooth.

Typically, fortune comes as a result of actions, and always, in one way or another, a person affected by bad luck brought it upon themselves. Consider what brought about the negative circumstances and keep this knowledge. As long as this is done, it's impossible to make the same mistakes.

Life's a path, and some asshole put obstacles in it. To climb these obstacles will conquer them individually, but to remember how they were climbed creates a graceful life.

The Skin and the Mind
Naturally, the skin and the mind have a similarity, they both can scar. Should the skin take a severe injury, it will heal, but in the process, a scar remains as a reminder of past pain. Similarly, the mind can be injured in various ways: apparent intellectual failure, social oppression and disassociation, and physical insecurity. Even when they heal, the mind will remain with certain scar--something placed to block the pain and prevent it from happening again.

It is important to remember; no scar is permanent. In time, the skin will grow, and the scar will fade. The mind is different, though. Skin grows as a natural, subconscious process. The mind grows through experience and knowledge; two nutrients which pain provides. In addition, consciousness is part of the mind; it must be involved in the healing process. Those unaware of this will endure pain and confusion without rationalizing it, and they will continue to have their same scars attacked by not learning from it.

Do not fall for such animalistic foolishness. Contemplate your pain, understand its causes, become better from it. Only through such a process can a human reach its highest potential.