Tuesday, August 29, 2006

RIAA Terror in Brief: 6

In these posts, I intend to sum up the general battle between the RIAA and humanity from news reports I receive through Google News. This is primarily my personal archive, but also gives anyone interested a general, although completely biased, synopsis of the present state of the battlefield.

It's been nearly a month since I last posted on it, so there's been a lot of news. Here's what's going on:

Sue the Dead? No, their grieving children!
The RIAA filed a law suit against a man back in June. He died. The kind RIAA gave his heirs/heiresses 60 days to grieve. How nice of them!
Then, they really grew a heart. They dropped the case! How sweet of the corporate lobbying goons.
After a sweet story like this, I really just want to cuddle with someone.

Settle for $3000? Never.
The RIAA has offered it's "get out of jail for $3000 card," but what is that really? It's so easy for them to settle, they've actually been profiting off of their campaign. What's wrong with that?
Everything. Would it ever be possible for the RIAA to sue everyone they settle with? Never. It seems for a quick phone call, with no guarantee of not being sued again, the RIAA will settle with you, through and through.

Extortion? The RIAA would never do that!
Or would they? It appears accusing the RIAA of extortion might get your case dropped relatively quickly.
That, and you could die, that seems to work... sort of.

Ignorance and Sleaziness
A woman wipes here harddrive of Mp3s... and fails. Then, the RIAA tries to sue a woman, fails, and then tried to get an opportunity to sue her again.
This world is going to hell.

New P2P Client
Anything willing to cause the RIAA pain is great. A new P2P client, rising almost propmptly after the suit of LimeWire, called AllPiers seems to be a new hope for the anonymity of man.
The vast social engineering it will take the RIAA to get onto these networks will make any evidence the produce questionable, and hopefully the public will realize that these assholes deserve the toilet.

The RIAA continues to make more bumbling errors, and day-by-day draws their campaign to a dramatic and awesome failure. The day will be filled with champagne and fireworks, and it is then we will celebrate the glorious death of the beast.


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