Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I HATE mySpace

While the world masses to mySpace, and confessedly I have too, I begin to wonder, "why?" This website is one of the worst on the internet.

First off, its layout is terrible. It simply looks ugly and is messy. If someone could diarrhea tables and HTML tags all over a .htm document, mySpace would grow from the ruins of this shit.

In addition to looking like it's still in BETA, it's tech-staff are stuck in ALPHA. MySpace is plagued--not just sickened with--frequent system failures, random outages, and slow loading times. The site has far outgrown its bandwidth capacity and is choking for air.

I'm not sure if it was a technical bug or coding error that pissed me off today, but whatever it was, I'm still pissed off. I recently was revealed the identity of my college roommate with no other information other than an e-mail. I figured I'd give him a search on mySpace--big mistake.

I first went to plain old mySpace.com and attempted a search. It said I needed to login, so I did. I then went back to the search bar, conducted the search, and it returned a sequence on incorrect matches. I then tried again, and it said I needed to login again. I promptly did so, ran the search, and it said I NEEDED TO LOGIN AGAIN. It repeated the cycle ONCE AGAIN AFTER THE LAST FAILURE. All this, compiled upon slow loading times and crap page appearance. Was... das... ficken...

And back to the original question, "why?" Well, simple. More people are using mySpace than any other social networking page, and on this type of page, more users breed more users. Explosive growth is inevitable.

Perhaps once people realize that mySpace is a piece of shit, it will die, die and go to hell along with all the other failed .com's of the late 1990's. It's going to take another social networking page to do it, and facebook appears to have the strength and integrity. I think I'm gonna go get a facebook right now, just in spite of mySpace.


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