Friday, July 28, 2006

RIAA Terror in Brief: 5

In these posts, I intend to sum up the general battle between the RIAA and humanity from news reports I receive through Google News. This is primarily my personal archive, but also gives anyone interested a general, although completely biased, synopsis of the present state of the battlefield.

The legal cannons blast today; another day, another headline.

Lawsuits Are Back
The RIAA has sent their latest dispatch of lawsuits, this time in Rhode Island. Whether this attack against the citizens of the United States will trigger an insurection is unknown, but time will tell.

Fruits and Four-Letter-Acronyms
Apple and the RIAA have expressed tensions with one another. Apple holds control of the online music market. The RIAA's companies don't. Now, all they can do is cry.

KaZaA Dies
Sharman Networks has agreed to make the program a full time legal download service. Although I don't use the crap software, it's a loss for the world of good men.
I was listening to an analyst on the way home, explaining that everytime a filesharing service gets killed, it's like an alien who splatters and reveals 100 more, harder to kill, fragmented beings. Now that there's not one singular target, the RIAA's mission becomes even more impossible than before. Damn good job.

MPAA Sues Millionaire; Oops
The MPAA is now suing a multi-millionaire and attempting to get him to settle out of court. Wrong person. He, Shawn Hogan, plans on showing those morons who's boss, and it looks like he's willing to give them hell.
Go get 'em, tiger.

That's it for today; some news good, some bad. Hopefully, it can only get better.


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