Monday, July 17, 2006

RIAA Terror in Brief: 4

In these posts, I intend to sum up the general battle between the RIAA and humanity from news reports I receive through Google News. This is primarily my personal archive, but also gives anyone interested a general, although completely biased, synopsis of the present state of the battlefield.

A great victory this week! And more!

RIAA Gets Owned on Its Own Battlefield
It appears the RIAA dropped a lawsuit against a mother because they had almost no evidence to prove she was filesharing. Now, they might just have to pay her attorney fees, which is 100% awesome.

British Phonographic Industry Stance: Don't Sue
Instead, they're asking ISPs to cancel people's accounts. I guess that makes them a little more forgiving, but I still don't like them.

Other than the RIAA getting owned, things have been quiet. It's the RIAA's move, we'll see what shit they pull.

And remember, don't support DRM--don't buy from iTunes.


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