Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gravity Generators

Gravity generators are the worst idea ever.

First problem with gravity generators: absolutely no scientific principle yet developed can provide a means for their existence. No, gravitons have been contemplated, but never found. Sorry.

Second problem with gravity generators: How would one distribute the "gravity field" or whatever about the ship evenly and proportionally? You can't, so instead, everything would be pulled towards the gravity field.

Third problem with gravity generators: Throwing out problems one and two, problem three just makes it hillarious. If the gravity generator generates 1 g of acceleration, anything near the ship will be pulled towards it AS IF IT WERE A PLANET. If the ship got near any ships, they'd come careening at each other like... well, two planets running into each other. If the ship got near any planets, the planet and the ship would careen at each other... thereby throwing the planet out of orbit.

Fourth problem with gravity generators: If you can simulate the gravitational field of an entire planet with such ease, it probably isn't that much harder to simulate something significantly larger, such as something the size of Jupiter. Hey, even if that is difficult, why not hook up... say... 400 or so? 400 Terran gravitational fields clumped together between two stars in a binary system. Consider the consequences after a little while... two stars flying at each other with immense speed, ever accelerating as they come closer and closer... then, the greatest force in the universe--the gamma ray explosion, a shockwave of stellar collision traveling at the speed of light, tearing the galaxy apart.

Who needs a Death Star? Is Darth Vader retarded?


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