Thursday, June 29, 2006

RIAA Terror in Brief: 2

In these posts, I intend to sum up the general battle between the RIAA and humanity from news reports I receive through Google News. This is primarily my personal archive, but also gives anyone interested a general, although completely biased, synopsis of the present state of the battlefield.

Not much has come up lately except for two important developments.

RIAA Prepares for Surgical Strikes:
The RIAA claims to be changing its law suit strategy. Instead of carpet bombing the United States with very broad lawsuits, they are planning to sue a large number of people in specific geographic areas in attempt to put faces--and more meaning--on the people sued.
It's a very ignorant move and will backfire completely. When people within a specific community are angered, they will only be roused to battle en masse. They are now suing groups of people who can more easily communicate. There will be more "43 Does" law suits, more angry people writing their representatives, and an enhanced cashflow into the EFF.

Spain Implements Blank Media Tax:
The Spanish... parliament or congress or whatever has voted in a "copyright tax" on blank CDs and tapes that get paid into their RIAA equivalent.
Perhaps something similar here would shut the RIAA up; the possibility has been widely discussed.

It appears my hopes that they give up the lawsuits have been slashed. However, hopefully, these new form of suits will result in a bigger uproar against the RIAA and end their terror for good.

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