Tuesday, June 20, 2006

RIAA Terror in Brief: 1

I'm going to start making these posts regularly. Essentially, each is a synopsis of what the RIAA is doing now, who is winning, who is losing, etc. It's a short brief to help filter through the chaos, and also sort of a personal record for myself of what's going on.

Giving Up?:
The RIAA claims that filesharing has been "contained." Does this mean they have given up? Are we free from RIAA oppression? We'll see... longst the lawsuits don't come back:
My favorite quote:
"They've also embarked on a very successful education campaign. Kids now know about copyright, and the consequences."
Bullshit. They consequences are on them. I will never buy a CD from an RIAA member label ever again. I hope they choke on their own coins.

Pirate Bay Lives, A New Evil is Born:
Pirate Bay.org, a massive and well-known BitTorrent site, was recently shut down by Swedish officals and re-established in a matter of days. However, this event has given the RIAA a reason to offer the United States Government to get involved... probably the worst turn for this whole crisis.
Of course, thanks to the media attention, "Pirate Bay traffic surges." (This article is also a good history, I bookmarked it.):

New Targets: You"Too"
The RIAA is now pursuing people who aren't even actually sharing music. Ever seen some people dance and lipsync to a song, meanwhile looking retarded? Yes, the RIAA is suing these people too. O rly? Ya rly:

All in all, I say for the happy music pirate, life is looking a little better right now, presuming that the RIAA really has quit suing people with its claim of "containment." This YouTube fiasco is just going to make them more hated and more stupid.

...and Pirate Bay sinks and floats again. I guess it's a submarine.

Check before you buy. Do not buy from any label listed here: http://www.riaa.com/about/members/default.asp


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