Thursday, April 27, 2006

Postal Dis-service

I hate the postal service.

Last summer, while I was at governor's school, I saw a few of the many letters sent through to my piers slaughtered, literally. The envelopes and their contents were torn to shreds and machine ruined. What made the whole thing a spectacle was the way they picked up the pieces, put them in an envelope, and sent them to the receiver anyway with a message that says "we care" on it. Care? Machines don't care. Machines kill people and letters. They don't have feelings. If you cared, you'd transcribe the ruined work to something intelligble before dumping it off on the receiver.

Just the other day, I sent an envelope first class with a scholarship application in it. It has disappeared. It wasn't returned to me, the sponsoring organization doesn't have it either. Way to go.

Why don't we just do everything over the internet? It's cheap, reliable, and fast.

No, that would make sense.


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