Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mozart and Beethoven

People call Mozart the greatest composer in history. I agree, he's got a fine discography (or should I say, symphonconcertoperography... :snort:), but a lot of it is pleasant. Pleasant music is boring. Beethoven's 9th is not boring.

In fact, if you took Mozart and Beethoven, and put their music in a room together, just by epic principle, Mozart's music would get the shit beaten out of it.

Also, address this. Mozart drank himself to death. Beethoven went deaf and kept writing music till his death. Who is really the hardcore one?

It's a tough comparison really, but Beethoven has the edge over Mozart any day. It really comes down to their images:

Beethoven looks like he's about to kick someone in the balls... that is, before he rips their skeleton out of their mouth. Mozart just looks like a Vienna sausage fatty motherfucker.

Beethoven just kicks everyones ass, all around the table. I think I'll bring him back from the dead to kick your ass... if you don't believe me.


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