Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why The Southern United States Sucks

The South sucks. Here's why:

1) Their accents make them sound retarded. - There is no denying this; a Southern accent is a stupid flag.

2) They hold back critical scientific research. - There are no important technical universites down South. (Notice that they are all in blue states: CalTech, MIT, Berkeley) In addition, they elect retards who make it a critical part of their agenda to hold back research because some asshole in Rome with a limp dick thinks it's wrong.

3) The South is creepy. - Watch Deliverance, and my point will prove itself true.

4) Despite that they could use the social support, they refuse to elect a socialist. Oh well.

5) They reelected the dumbshit who left one of their largest cities to be washed away.

6) The entire region is flagrantly religious. I don't mind religion, but flagrant religion is a problem; this leads back to problem two.

7) Ahhm runnin' aut uvvv thangs to saaa.


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