Monday, March 06, 2006

Piss English

A few years back, I saw a website (I think it was on Ubersite, I don't remember) where they took English phrases, used an online translator to put them into Chinese, then translated them back again. The phrases came out garble. Occasionally, I do the same process with prose to see what happens. Here are some of the results.

(A note on format: the "Seed" is what I start with. The -->Chinese-->English describes the path that I used to create the given product.

The South sucks. Here's why:
1) Their accents make them sound retarded. - There is no denying this; a Southern accent is a stupid flag. 2) They hold back critical scientific research. - There are no important technical universites down South. (Notice that they are all in blue states: CalTech, MIT, Berkeley) In addition, they elect retards who make it a critical part of their agenda to hold back research because some asshole in Rome with a limp dick thinks it's wrong.
3) The South is creepy. - Watch Deliverance, and my point will prove itself true.
4) Despite that they could use the social support, they refuse to elect a socialist. Oh well.
5) They reelected the dumbshit who left one of their largest cities to be washed away.
6) The entire region is flagrantly religious. I don't mind religion, but flagrant religion is a problem; this leads back to problem two.
7) Ahhm runnin' aut uvvv thangs to saaa.

South declivity.
Here ' Teacher : 1) sound accent so that they retardation.
- Not deny this;
Flag of the South accent is stupid.
2) The research key press.
- No major technical universites South down.
(see them in the Blue States : California Institute of Technology, MIT, Berkeley), Who in their choice for a key part of its research agenda, since some asshole back in a pool that Rome, Cheney ' Wrong.
3) is the South atmosphere.
- Easy to see, I mean will prove true.
4) Although the availability of social support, they chose to reject socialism.
Oh well.
5) dumbshit from their election is the largest city is down.
6) The entire region is blatant religious.
I wear ' T to religion, but religion is a blatant;
These two issues have led to.
7) RunninAhhm ' Austria UVVVthangsSAAA.

Some funny notes:
Notice on item two, at the end:
Seed: "because some asshole in Rome with a limp dick thinks it's wrong. "
-->Chinese-->English: "since some asshole back in a pool that Rome, Cheney ' Wrong."
Where did it get Cheney from?

The suck article.

Smoking seems to be more than a day yesterday, ' Some business to China in miniature smoking, somewhere.
I wear ' T know that this is a microcosm, or substantially asymptote suck what plateau, but ' Smoke a lot of preparation.
There are a number of different types of smoke : s (x) =1/x smoking in progressive mode, gradually increasing smoking, day case-by-day, the number of smoking = (X).
Suck 0 appeared in the last moment, in all unlimited use, smoking too much it, it does not inhale ' T suck.
Ultimate example of smoking rapidly climb, then an increase in smoking, no smoking, end.
S= (X) model in the X-line smoking, smoking gradually increase in interest rates unchanged forever.
Increase suck become so repeat yourself before you have killed far.
For example, here is not the ultimate smoking, smoking issue only.
Also, it is noteworthy that smoking moment in Genesis (score), and from birth to the sole use smoke.
s (X) =-X2++ in parabolic patterns to smoking, rapid increase in people smoking around ' Lives, but not discovered until more than zero.
China is the number of, for example, in the ultimate smoking smoking, smoking really.
I wear ' T think this model ' Very realistic.
S (X) = (X) model in China tangental smoking, drug use has increased N*PI/2=X+ asmptotic each PI that smoking many, but ' China is not more we can do about it.
All these events will eventually use examples smoking, smoking in the little things until they rapidly approaching zero, once crossed the zero line, things go back to the head of road use.
S=sin (X) (X) in the sine wave models smoking, smoking outside, and then gradually fall.
I wear ' T like this model.
S (X) = (X) 4,497 weighted model in smoking, smoking birth begin to increase.
In X=1 really started smoking, and will continue to do so until you die.
All of these models suck.
I think you will agree.
Inhale smoke too much, should follow sucky pattern.
inhale too mathematical.
School alms bowl.
robot smoking.
I inhale.
inhale life.
territories alms bowl.
space use.
black hole smoking.
Licensed suck.
the whole universe alms bowl.
This smoking.

I guess my whole article was about smoking! I told you smoking was cool.

My favorite from this one:
Seed: s(x) = tan(x)
In the tangental model of suck, suck has an asmptotic increase in suck every n*PI+PI/2=x. This sucks a lot, but there's not much that can be done about it.
Result: S (X) = (X) model in China tangental smoking, drug use has increased N*PI/2=X+ asmptotic each PI that smoking many, but ' China is not more we can do about it.

These aren't models for suck after all! They're models for drug use!

My dick is 12 inches long. I used it to fuck chicks from half-way across the room. My balls each way a hefty five pounds. I can feel them jiggle when someone has surround sound.

Cheney is my 12-inch long.
God damn it, I see it the opposite way from the chicks.
My approach has five pounds per ball.
I can feel that they jiggle it was Dubie audio.

Notes: Dubie audio!

The programmers at Google are pretty funny. They set the translation for "dick" to "Cheney." What a bunch of great guys...

Google's programming is quite interesting.
They define translation " Cheney " For " Cheney. " What : : a group of big boys



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