Saturday, March 18, 2006

MIT: Again, Fuck It

The other day, I posted a comment on an MIT blog about how SAT scores are crap. I still think they are, but I have some addendums to make regarding the SAT. In fact, I have addendums about college.

First off, if you're a middle class white kid, you're not going to an ivy league school. Period. Your perfect SAT won't help, hours of essay perfection, and a perfect transcript. Bullshit about a "no miniumum SAT" is lies. Look at their medians; the people in the bottom range of scores' parents bought a wing of the school. The rest are just rich, and peckered throughout are minority kids. They aren't rich, but they're minorities. That's how they get in.

I thought because I'm a damn good writer, I could get in on that break, especially if I constructed a fluid and powerful essay, unforgettable and perfect poetry. It doesn't help, you're not getting into the school through essays. They don't even look at them, or, if they do, they'll hyperscan them. No, they don't scan your essays, as in read them cautiously. They read the first and last paragraph. Maybe. They probably make sure you punctuated. Maybe. No. Just kidding, they don't care. They're just trying to see if you care, if you took the time to write an essay. Really.

Third, the material's the same no matter where you go. All that matters is how much you apply yourself; there are graduates of "plain" universities who are superior to ivy league grads. Ivy league does not give you God status.

Quatter, Latinam amo, et mortua non est. MIT Romanos cognent mortuos esse. Romani amici, non abeo, maneo!

My points are made, sharp, stab. To summarize, with a last axe blow, college applications are bullshit. Councelors are remorseless; ignore their twisted words.

Suggestion for future college applicants:
Find professors at the college. Make contact with them, make them feel good about you and themselves. Make them interested in you. Don't be pushy, but draw them in, but not too much. They may put in a word for you. Start a correspondence. Now. This is how you will get into college, especially if you're a middle class white kid.


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