Tuesday, February 21, 2006

RIAA Bullshit: Again

I heard that the RIAA's trying to pull some new shit.

In essence, their new plan is to secretly insert an inaudible frequency inside each song on a CD. This frequency will be unique to every CD they press.

It's an interesting idea and sounds rather scary. Because they would be able to track where each CD was sold, they could figure out where the original buyer of the pirated CD purchased it and narrow down the original distributor's IP by relating the two. However, consider the following.

1) The RIAA is still not a law enforcement agency. They still can't subpoena.
2) If you were listening to pirated music on an MP3 player, they can't sieze the device and check if the music is pirated.
3) They can't search your house for pirated CDs.
4) It's not illegal to have a burned copy of a CD. Because a burned CD is not necessarily pirated, they can't do shit about it.

Once again, the recording industry is a whale, the tides of time are changing, and it's been left ashore. A blubbery-ass beached whale, that's all they are.

(Notice how this, once again, devolved into an unintelligable tangent.)


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