Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Profile Worthy Conversations

This list will be amended with time.

Do Lusoc Culi: (btw, you wouldn't happen to know the integral of (sinx + cosx)/tanx would you?)
Do Lusoc Culi: brb
visus vastina: mmm damn made me think you little shit... x changes... so a full perimeter would be 2*Pi, sin
x and cos x are repeated, so sin x and cos x is 2*pi, under this tan x is pi, and so under algebraic
expression sin x + con x = tan x [2*Pi], Pi divided by Pi is Pi... reasonable answer would be 2*Pi, which is
also a valued perimeter
Do Lusoc Culi: back
Do Lusoc Culi: what?
Do Lusoc Culi: Pi/Pi doesn't equal Pi?
Do Lusoc Culi: And how could 2Pi be the answer if it isn't a definite integral?
visus vastina: do the maths man... 3.14/3.14=3.14
Do Lusoc Culi: hmm... calculator says 3.14/3.14 = 1


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