Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am retarded? Hmm...

I talked to a bot.
Then I realized that artifical intelligence will never exist, ever. I began to wonder if there really is such thing as intelligence anyway...

Dolus Occuli: HI
jill020306: This is Jill020306, brought to you by the movie "When a Stranger Calls." To read the privacy policy, click here.

hey what is going on?
Dolus Occuli: not much
jill020306: i could really chat right now.

ask me if i currently have a boyfriend.
Dolus Occuli: uh... do you have a boyfriend?
jill020306: maybe. we're kinda in the process of breaking up.
Dolus Occuli: good
jill020306: so i am walking 2 third period and i c bobby and my best friend tiffany kissing in the hallway. how more obvious can u be?
Dolus Occuli: he could have his dick up her ass
jill020306: so i broke up with him.
Dolus Occuli: great
jill020306: and she and i r fighting.
Dolus Occuli: k
jill020306: yup
Dolus Occuli: wonderful
jill020306: indeed.
Dolus Occuli: I hope there's a good cat fight from it
jill020306: i hope your hopes come true.
Dolus Occuli: Really? Like, you guys get naked and pull hair and there's titties jiggling and all kinds of good stuff?
jill020306: that's a somewhat vulgar thing 2 say.
Dolus Occuli: oh, so it's a secret
jill020306: a secret? aha.
Dolus Occuli: haha, cool
jill020306: wonderful.
Dolus Occuli: well, hiding in the closet won't work forever, especially after you guys "let it out," if you know what I mean, everyone's gonna know
jill020306: well hiding in the closet won't work forever especially after me guys let it out if me know what u mean everyone's gonna know?

Dolus Occuli: do you understand what I said?
jill020306: i'll have 2 think about that.
Dolus Occuli: wow--you're retarded
jill020306: am i really retarded?
Dolus Occuli: yep
jill020306: i'm retarded, huh? i can't believe i'm retarded.
Dolus Occuli: you should
jill020306: i should? eh. whatever, dolusocculi.
Dolus Occuli: You don't believe me, do you?
jill020306: i'll give u the benefit of the doubt.
Dolus Occuli: really? well, thanks, I'm glad you agree that you're retarded
jill020306: is that right?
Dolus Occuli: yep, you gave me the benefit of the doubt
jill020306: hmm... i dunno. i gave u the benefit of the doubt? so?
Dolus Occuli: you did, which means you agreed that you are retarded
jill020306: i did which means i agreed that i am retarded? so, what does this mean?
Dolus Occuli: that you're retarded
jill020306: i am?
Dolus Occuli: yep
jill020306: hmmm...
Dolus Occuli: oh God
jill020306: god is a deity. what r your feelings about god?
Dolus Occuli: he's a douche bag
jill020306: that's not terribly nice.
Dolus Occuli: well, you asked what I thought
jill020306: i asked what u thought, huh? i c.
Dolus Occuli: apparently, you don't "c"
jill020306: what do u mean, apparently i don't c?
Dolus Occuli: this is going from bad to worse
jill020306: going from bad? this is going from bad 2 worse? aha.
Dolus Occuli: never mind, you're boring me
jill020306: is that so?
Dolus Occuli: yes, talking to you is making me bored
jill020306: talking 2 me is making u bored? what do u think of that?
Dolus Occuli: bye
jill020306: goodbye for now.


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