Monday, January 23, 2006


Religion is about the path, not the destination. Modern religion is the destination and, therefore, is flawed.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Women: Solved

There was an episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk and krew were held prisoner by robots with perfect logic. To overcome the robots, they did everything illogically.

In this case, women equate to Captain Kirk--the epitome of everything illogical. Don't even try and apply logic to them, just don't bother. It doesn't work. Or, even better, apply logic and throw out the result; then, consider any other possibility. That begins your sieve.

See, I'm a genius... in reverse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Is this what society people thinks of the people that make medicines, that make the website they hosted this shit on?

If we packed up and started our own country, we could get robots to do everything for us. We wouldn't need the dipshit retard, blonde peasantry that dominates modern images of beauty.

Ashton Kutcher, producer, go die.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ein Mann der mich Angst haben macht

I have a teacher who makes me exceptionally angry.
It inspired the bitches/non-bitches article. It is the prime example of a bitch.

This teacher told us the first day of class that it knows how we cheat, because it used to cheat too. This teacher thinks of ideas of creative expression and artistic style as opportunities to cut corners, as that was never my original intention, it seems to think otherwise. This teacher speaks like it is higher than the rest of its students.

I don't think this teacher should be fired. It holds a lot of hope, but I also think it should analyse itself before being critical of others. It should be less cynical of honest students, and be more considerate before declaring the entire student body cheats.

The Fire of God

"Is God really as powerful as their pastor claims He is? After all, they've never seen anything truly supernatural or unexplainable. Most of the "spiritual" results they've seen can be accounted for in purely human terms.

"When the fire falls, we see God for who He really is."

I've seen the fire of God. You want to see it too? Go do some Calculus. Really eat it. Then you'll see God. Fire is for rednecks.

Emo-lution: Revisited

A while back, I looked at this article, and thought it was ok:

Now, I look back, and it's not ok. This man is full of shit.
(My text has been formatted to stand out from his)


We must first determine what we are talking about when we use the terms "Science" and "Evolution"

I. Science. According to the Oxford Dictionary science is "A branch of study which is concerned either with a connected body of demonstrated truths or with observed facts systematically classified and more or less colligated by being brought under general laws, and which includes trustworthy methods for the discovery of new truth within its own domain."

For a postulate to qualify as a scientific theory is must fulfill three basic criteria.

1. The postulate must be observable.

2. The postulate must be capable of repeatable experimental verification.

3. The postulate must withstand a falsifiability test, or an experiment must be conceived the failure of which would disprove the postulate.

I doubt those three even mean much. Take for example, astronomy uses information that is merely observed to make predictions about the universe. No one had to fly into the center of the center of the sun to experimentally determine that the sun burns due to fusion, nor is it easy to set up a test on earth to verify the forementioned. For all I know, the sun is a burning ball of cheese.

Neither evolution nor creation can meet the above three criteria and thus are not theories but postulates. In fact neither are fully capable of becoming theories because of the limits of observing events that happened many years in the past.

I see how it is. You're taking the middle ground... sneaking in a word of "unbias," eh? Go fuck yourself.

II. Evolution. Evolution in its simplest definition simply means change over time. There are two basic evolution models in biology with which we are concerned here.

1. Microevolution. Microevolution is the limited variation that takes place in a family. s original complex gene pool. A good example of this is selective breeding. Dogs, Cows, Sugar beets 1800 6%--1878 17%, English peppered moth (Biston betularia), Fruit fly and bacteria accelerated mutation experiments.

2. Macroevolution. This is the evolution the evolutionists mean. (Actually, they mean both, as was printed in my biology book.) This is the amoebae to man postulate. (No, buddy, even lower than that. It is the basic elements + lightning postulate.) Evolutionists believe that all organized material came from earlier unorganized material, through enormous amounts of time and many small changes. Life itself spontaneously arose from a lower organized non-life substance and gradually through genetic mutations became all the diversity we see today. In other words mutations caused one family type to gradually change to another family type. I.e.. A cat to a dog or a lizard to a bird etc. (Whoa! Of course that's ridiculous! Lizards did not spontaneously turn into birds, cats, I don't think, ever turned into dogs. They are all divergences from one form of life into another. It's not lizard to bird, it's antiquated creature A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F, F to G and H, G to X, H to Y, X to bird, Y to lizard.) In fact mutations have never been observed to have been helpful to an organism and enable it to better survive in its natural state. (False, sickle cells anemia offers the victim protection against malaria.)

God blesses the creatures and bids them to multiply on the earth.

Oh shit, here comes the bullshit storm.

Animals have bodies and souls not spirits.

Gen. 1:24 the sixth day.

God creates the land creatures and the final crowing touch of His creation MAN.

Vs. 6 God says "Let US make man in our image." The Creatures created earlier have bodies and Souls (Creature is Nephesh or Soul).

Man alone has body, soul and spirit. He is a tripart being just as God is triune.

Yes, God has three parts: the ass-end, the torso, and the head.

The image of God. What glory that must have been. The word for image does not express an exact replication but a reflection. We were never created exactly like God, but we were created with many of His attributes. At the tip of God's creation man (even though he is not what he was) is an amazing creature. We lost much at the fall.

This has nothing to do with evolution. All it does is show your bias: you give support for one theory, and spend the rest of your time refuting the other. Way to go, minge bag.

Man has 263 bones

600 muscles

970 miles of blood vessels,

Thirty pounds or 6 quarts of blood

The heart is a pump about 4" by 6" and it:

Pumps 70 times a minute, 4,200 times per hour and 36,792,000 per year.

It moves 4oz of blood each beat, or about 16 lbs. per minute, 12 tons per day, 4000 tons per year and 240,000 tons in 60 years. Hydraulically speaking it moves 200 tons 1 ft. high each day.

The lung capacity is about 320 sq. in. but if the 600,000,000 air cells were laid out they would exceed 20,000 sq. in. or about 12 sq. ft. The lungs take in 2400 gallons of air a day.

The brain in man is about 3lbs, 2oz and woman. s is about 2lbs, 12 oz.

It contains an amazing 1010 neural cells with possible connections of nearly 1015 with 10 million nerves connecting with the rest of the body.

Using computer analogy for brain power and assuming the neural connections equal memory and computing power this would give us a memory capacity of 1015 to 1017 bits. That is roughly equal to 25 million 1 gigabyte drives.

If at any time a minimum of 10% of the neurons are firing through their many synapse and each firing is equal to a FLOP (Floating Point Operation per Second) then at minimum the brain is capable of 10 teraflops or 10 trillion operations per second. To stimulate the whole brain would require 100,000 teraflops.

Those statistics had nothing to do with evolution either. Interesting, but pointless.
All they tell me is that you're trying to use a simple theory to prove something very complex. That does not help your point.


DNA is one of the most information rich carriers known to man.

Bad phrase ("most information rich carriers"), consider revising (for once)(try "best storage media").

1 teaspoon is capable of carrying all the information in all the computers in the world with enough room left over for all the books in the library of congress.

(k, it's a recursive chain, it's been made in labratories. Amazing.)

The A-T-G-C code of DNA is a four level code with 3 compare/correct codes. It is capable of carrying and enormous amount of information forward without losing information. In comparison with computer code it is about 1016 times better to the very best computer compare/correct code today.

Computer coding errors are human errors. According to what your said, information is lost because of bad programmers, not bad storage (unless, say, a drive fails.) If you mean a hardware error, plz specify, k thx.

In addition, there are millions of errors in DNA all of the time. DNA is transcribed perfectly under prime conditions, but even a change in temperature or pH can cause simple, undetectable errors, such as base sequences gettings swapped here or there.

Man is to be fruitful and fill (not replenish) the earth. We are to understand God's processes (Science) and utilize them to subdue the earth (Technology). The rule is to be benign and not tyrannical.

(ok. Great theology, now read Nietzsche.)

Vs. 2- 2:3 sums up the creation. Note God looks upon all He created and proclaims it to be Very Good.

(The creation of one of the most complex systems in the universe completed summed up in 2 lines. K, whatever.)

Creation vs. Evolution

Paley's watchmaker. Tornado in a junkyard. Or better yet a tornado in a silt bed.


1. Basic (open) system: wristwatch

2. Closed loop system: Power Steering

3. Adaptive system: Anti-skid brakes, Numerically controlled manufacturing

4. Intelligent machines: Computers

Storage/retrieval, Input/output, Processing, Language design.

5. Self repairing systems: Some software

6. Reproducing systems: ?

Complex systems cannot be approached gradually through non-functional intermediates: perfect multiple simultaneous co-adaptation is a prerequisite condition for functionality. "Automatic organization" violates the entropy laws; i.e., "paper wrote the book".

(Your analogy sucks. As things become more complex, they appear more autonomous. From your perspective, life is hyperorganization. From my perspective, it's a massive chemical reaction with an inevitable end: overconsumption.)

Chance is too inefficient for both time and material:

Only 1018 seconds in a 20 billion year universe or 1026 nanoseconds!!

The random organization or combination of a DNA strand of 40 A-T-G-C amino acids would occur 1 in 10141 times. Or if one iteration of combination were to occur every nanosecond for all 20 billion years there would still be 10115 chances left by the time that time ran out!!

(Life didn't start with DNA, it started with RNA, retard, where there's a much better chance of random combination. Go back to Intro-Bio, grade 10.)

Most biologists postulate some kind of prebiotic soup in which life occurred. These are all merely fairly wild guesses based on bias.

(What? What? WHAT? Why don't you double check that "fairly wild guess" factor, then proceed to analyse yourself.)


1. Prebiotic soups have both left and right hand amino acids. Life chemistry demands all either left or right. (It has been said that, given an infinite amount of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters, all the works of man past, present and future will be produced. However what would be the result if half of the keys on the typewriters killed the monkey?)

(I will admit, here, that this remains to baffle science. I'll go double check that, though. )

2. Amino Acids and Sugars are chemically incompatible. In the cell they are carefully regulated but in prebiotic soup they would wipe each other out.

(Life did not always depend on sugars for energy. Methane, for starters, was one of the first.)

3. Early atmospheres were highly oxidizing (atoms bind to oxygen) rather than reducing (atoms bind to hydrogen). In an oxidizing atmosphere the process that build up amino acids are 30 million times less efficient than in a reducing atmosphere. Prebiotic soups would contain too few amino acid precursors to overcome this inefficiency. In addition the minute synthesis would only produce Glycine.

(In early atmospheres, most of the oxygen was bound to carbon, if not all carbon. With all of the methane floating around, I'd think the early atmosphere was reducing, not oxidizing. Oxygen came around with photosynthesis.)

Increasing complexity is a big problem.
(yes, for you, it always will be.)

III. Statistics

A. The total number of nanoseconds (1 billionth of a second) in 20 billion years is 1026 .

Probability of the random combination of a 40-chain amino acid is 1 in 10141.

If recombination occurred every nanosecond only 1026 would be done in 20 billion years leaving undone 10115 recombinations. The average protein is a chain of 500 amino acids.

(I already hit this point.)

B. Morowitz, 1987. Probability of random recombination of cell that has been completely disassembled. 1 in 10 in the 10,000,000,000th power
(What's that have to do with steady creation from nature, building from something simple to more complex.)

C. Michael Hart, 1982,

Genesis DNA with 400 positions where any nucleotide will work 100 positions where any two will work 100 positions where only one type will work. Unrealistically optimistic assumption but. Probability of one strand working is 1 in 1090. Probability for 100 specific genes in 10 billion years is 1 in 10 to the 3000th power
(Any nucleotide will work what? Work the dance floor? I bet.)

I can't take any more of this bullshit; I need to take a crap. Go read his article, then send him an e-mail and let him know that he needs to evolve from bullshit into a bull... God's still working on that one.

The Taliban are Stupid

The goal of the taliban was to cause sheer terror in the United States, formerly a land of peace. Thus far, on one day, they did that. Since then, they have failed to cause terror.

It would be extremely easy for the Taliban to continue terror. All they would have to do is blow up small targets, like the PLO blows up busses. If they suicide-bombed schools, that would broadcast the wonderful message that "even your children aren't safe." They blow up cars on highways, killing few but shocking many, and throwing commuting to a stand still with fear. They don't have to do that much damage, just get their name out, and let everyone know that they could be next.