Monday, November 21, 2005

PROJECTS BUILD CHARACTER-School in the 21st Century

All students should be assigned 8 large projects over break. Teens are too lazy now-a-days, and without enough work, they have become a horrendous generation, setting up a scenario that welcomes worldwide economic collapse and a future of misery and despair. Moral decay and poor character derives from the source of all problems—children do not work enough.

In fact, I don’t think there should be breaks, or even weekends for that matter. Teachers should receive paid vacations and students should be required to go to labor camps for the weeks they currently have breaks.

School sports should be outlawed. There’s no need for students to “play” on school grounds. Dormitories should be constructed on the grounds where there are currently practice fields and parking lots so students never have to leave.

In the time that students would be practicing their little games, the school day should be extended. Students should start at 5 AM and go home at 8 PM. That may violate child labor laws, but those are the root of the problem and will soon be repealed.

Teachers work harder than kids, so they should receive raises. This raise will come from the reduction of lunch to a slice of bread and a box of protein juice. Since students will be spending their whole lives, K-12, on school grounds, they will become accustomed to this daily ration.

People think this will be harmful for children, but I feel quite the opposite. Because children will be constantly monitored, they will be comfortable with the new surveillance program of the rising police state. In addition, teen pregnancy rates will plummet and crime will diminish.

Projects over vacation are just the beginning. With the new, suppressive system, we can build a better world for all.


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