Thursday, November 17, 2005


There's two types of teachers out there. Bitches and non-bitches.

Bitches - Bitches are "higher" than you. Their rules are hardline, flat. Everything runs on the rules, and they're higher than you and there's nothing you can do about it. They've been through grad school, and because of that, that makes them superior. They may not say this, and if you walked up and asked them they would deny it, but they consider themselves better than you. (Let me remind you, they are not better than you, they are just more credited.)

Non-Bitches - Non-bitches are awesome. You respect them not because they attempt to radiate their aura of superiority, but they treat you as an equal, so you have every reason to listen to them. They may have rules, and they stick to them. They are intelligent human beings, like you, and they understand that there are times that rules need to sway a bit. Most importantly, they care. (Let me remind you, they may treat you as an equal, but you are not equal to them. Their kindness is a privledge, and mistreating it may destroy it.)

Frequently new teachers are non-bitches, that's why everyone likes them. The test of character is in four years. When their first students graduate, the non-bitch's ability to handle their first students' departure and remain non-bitches will determine their modus operandi for the rest of their carrier.

Back to homework for a bitch.


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