Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Us and Them

We aren't really all that different from bacteria, both chemically and psychologically.

Chemically, we're both made of DNA, RNA, amino acids, and water. Our ribosomes code the same proteins when given the same RNA sequences.

Psychologically, we compete and share, struggling constantly between generosity for all's benefit and competition to destroy one another. Bacteria share DNA in numerous ways, increasing the survival of their colonies as a whole, including for bacterial resistance. Bacteria don't always share, they often whorde their mutations for their own protection, passing them on to their offspring, some good, some bad. It's strange that humans tend to be the same, we kill each other and freely share knowledge at the same time.

We share the same primal struggle.

Perhaps an analysis of the behavior of bacteria and our own behavior in the same frame can give us a better understanding of both bacteria and us.


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