Monday, October 31, 2005


I put this in the school newspaper:

The most horrific, degrading problem on earth is the presence of nudity in movies. Not only does this example of moral decay corrupt the youth, it destroys our values as a Christian nation and undermines the central ideas of America.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a good American film with my nephew where a good, Christian hero was trying to kill a terrorist. Right before the soldier set of a nuclear warhead to destroy the entire terrorist country, a woman exposed her breasts. I was shocked and mortified. How is it legal, in this Christian country, to produce and sell a product that is wrought with such sin and temptation?

This pornography is what has sent this country into its horrible state. Liberals are taking over our government, showing things like this to children on a regular basis: teaching them evolution, legalizing birth control, and broadcasting non-fundamentalist channels on the television. If it were up to me, I’d imprison every single one of them for destroying our nation’s basic foundations. They’ve allowed the pornography industry to grow into a disease with revenues exceeding $12 billion per year and consuming more souls than that. Our country’s founding fathers are being betrayed by the liberal government and moved us into a realm of pagan horror.

It is this pagan world that the liberals have tried to recreate; we are degrading into Roman times, and soon Christians will be hung on crosses and fed to lions. Rules against nudity were laid down in the Bible for a reason; the damage caused by pornography is irreversible. Anyone who was exposed to such nefarious content as a child will become an evil person, a murder, or liberal.

These horrible movies take our nation away from Jesus Christ. Instead of following Him, the people of the United States have started to follow lust as their master. First, prostitution sought to destroy our world, then Darwin, and now nudity in movies act as Satan’s arm to pull our souls into hell. After all, my Christian values are the moral axle of the entire universe.


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