Thursday, October 06, 2005

DNA Scheisse: Second Edition by Micklos and Freyer

DNA Science: A First Course: Second Edition by David A. Micklos and Greg A. Freyer with David A. Crotty

I don't know what's more fucked up: that all of the authors have a middle name "A" or the prose in this book. I don't know what would compell any teacher into deciding that this book is the one for their students to learn from because I don't know how it's possible to learn from.

Of course, the book may have good information, but that's like saying LSD is good for you because you see things in a different light. You may see things differently, yes, but you will recieve permanent damage as a result.

I'm supposed to be learning about operons, but I don't know what I'm really supposed to be learning about them. This is because of the poor formatting of the entire book. See, the author figured it was a good idea to present experiments, and from the experiments, explain how the results came out, therefore delivering the genetic principle. The problem with this theory is that I don't know enough about genetics to understand they experiment, so by the time the stupid ass bastards come to a point, I'm already to the 2nd degree of lostness, and I don't realize that a point is being made.

The authors ought to have started by explaining the genetic principle. Instead of retracing the history of biotechnology, then getting to the facts, if the facts were place up front the history would make more sense.

Micklos and Freyer with Crotty, I hope someone beats you to death with your own textbooks. Go die.


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