Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cur Quid Facere Facio

Joss Whedon said in an interview about his Firefly/Serenity saga that, "I don't make things people like, I make things people love." He's right, I love what he makes, but I doubt that's why he's really making it.

This is something I agree with Ayn Rand on: nobody who makes anything worth shit makes it for other people. They make it from their energy, their idea, and when other people twist and warp it, it destroys that reserve of inspiration. Joss Whedon does not like being credited for a lot of scripts he wrote because other people distorted them. They made them into crap; if Joss were making it for other people, he would have been totally please with the changes.

When you make something for your own damn sake, it's pure and untouched. When others interfere, it goes down the shitter like a non-sterile bacteria culture. In art, when collaboration invades, the product is not whole, it is a mutant hybrid. No one finds hermaphrodites attractive; you wouldn't find two styles of art, ruinously jammed together, attractive either.

Joss had to make Firefly and Serenity for one reason alone: his own damn creative will. The fact that people love it is a byproduct, and it's a byproduct because it's something he loves, not that he made it for love.


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