Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cat Dies, Hag Dies

I saw a cat, a dead cat, on the curb. I felt bad for the cat, it was fuzzy and brown and white, and its throat that once purred like a motor lay dead exactly like one - on the side of a road.

The cat was dead next to a house. The house probally contained an old woman because that's the only person who would occupy that sort of house. If she died, I wouldn't care. She probably smells bad.

Then the car approached the speed of light and everything turned into lines; there were no more objects anywhere, just lines.

Does someone have to die before you realize you can't always have your way? A million? Or just One?

The cat died from a motor. The hag may easily have too. Maybe it's because one of them had a motor of her own, or maybe one was just fuzzier, so we liked her better.

Felem vidi, mortua felis, in (CURB ABL). (SORROW) pro fele tenui, (FUZZY) (BROWN) niveaque est, et thorax ipse quo (ONCE) (AS) motore (PURRED) interficitur, velut motore - in latero viae.

Sidera videre volo, sed via (EASY) difficultior est


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