Monday, October 10, 2005


For some reason, my mind suffers nostalgia for 1992, when life was perfect. Those were the days of innocence: the sun was shinning, the neighborhood was booming, everyone was still stuck in the late 80's, and everyone wore big sunglasses. They still showed Thriller on TV, people still thought I was a genius by naming the 9 planets, and life was perfect. Everyone went to McDonalds and got ice cream.

Now everyone's all old, the sun quit shining, and no one wears big sunglasses any more. There's still black people on TV, but now the one who was dressed up as the zombie is the zombie. Everyone moved away from this damn neighborhood or went EMO, sunglasses aren't cool anymore, and none of the freshman moms are anymore, just old hags now. No one gets ice cream, everyone goes to Starbucks to get coffee with nutmeg to get a buzz and zone out of life because it sucks, and the horrible hallucinations of nutmeg are better than fast approaching end of the world.

Goddamn it, this is what getting old is like. I'm gonna go invent the time machine so that I'm born knowing all I already know, then I can be awesome again. That's probably why I used to be so smart when I was little anyway, and I'm gonna do the same damn thing again.

But, o, I hear my nephew in the room next door crying and I remember the time from age 4 to age 12, and why I'm so damn glad those fucked up days are over. I remember being so glad to come home after my mom drug me home from the store, and it was time to go to bed with the sun still hanging on to the horizon. I remember there never being enough time to do what I wanted, no freedom. Damn I'm glad I'm old, where I don't have to go on boring trips and pointless weddings of people I don't know who will die in 50 years. I remember elementary school, where my teachers pounded math into my head that I still can't do. I remember the bastards who called themselves friends but were nothing more than oppressive. I remember fucking around doing nothing in the afternoons where I should have been reading or learning something.

I still do that.


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